A few words from the President

It was proudly that I agreed to become president of the Royal Chow-Chow Club of Belgium in 2015. Club that celebrated its 85th birthday, and has chosen, during these decades, to take the paths that the race of the Chow Chow required.

A Club whose order number at SRSH, URSH and FCI reveals the historicity, quality and pride of being associated so far with Belgian and international canine history. These ambitions are always our own!


A club is not only a president, it is also a committee, a leading team, a whole team (all volunteers), good mood, positive spirit, energy to resell, hours and hours devoted to dogs, owners, future owners, but also availability for all of them and, of course, a lot of adherents.

It is precisely this team – united with the same will to enforce the association – that has allowed its blooming and its current redeployment since 2015. Our dogs are those that give us this desire to work and we do it for them and especially with them.

For most of us, the adventure began with a first dog and also with our arrival in the club, for so many different reasons. Then, it was the encounter with a more passionate one who transmitted his virus. And from the adherent status one quickly becomes active member, and to this step, the passion becomes overflowing to the point of transmitting it to others.


The involvement in our club is not an empty word. That is our motto. And the year 2017 is not yet over that we yet prepare 2018 (or even 2019!) with enthusiasm. Our team works for you. With you !

You will discover while reading these pages what we propose: a summary of our history, a bit of our life but also this passion we share and that flows far beyond our walls.

Our vocation is to listen, advise and help you succeed in educating your chow chow. This site is here for you. If you do not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help you.