Why a breed club?

The breed club, also known as also known as specialised breed association, is responsible for the technical evolution of a particular breed and, in particular, for its improvement and promotion.

The main mission is broadcasting the breed standard that is recognized by the FCI, to develop the technical guidelines for selection and registration in LOSH in agreement with the SRSH. The club also organizes a Special breed show once a year. There is only one club officially recognized for each breed !!! Everyone can anyone can join/become a member of the club to be informed of the latests news, to receive the information of the club …


Contact details of the account to be used for the payment of the annual subscription

Please pay your membership fee at the same time as asking for your registration. The payment of the annual membership fee acts as a membership card, and the receipt is confirmation of your membership. In the absence of payment, membership is considered invalid, and the services reserved for members will not be insured.

Simply pay your subscription either to the account: 068.2150244.72 or for our foreign friends:
IBAN: BE 38-0682-1502-4472

Please please state the name (s) for whom payment is made.