Nuria was born in Barcelona in 1971. Since she was little child, she loved animals, she always picked up stray animals, especially cats and dogs.

In 1992 she had her first dog “SACHA”, it was a beautiful puppy that she had found in the street. Sacha and Nuria have become wonderful friends and have spent 16 years together.

In 1993, she had her first contact with the breed that would change her whole life. Her friend Inma had four chow-chows. Nuria was conquered when she met her friend’s dogs for the first time. In January 1992, she bought her first chow chow, her dear and unforgettable Novohutsky chov Bax. Bax was for her the perfect dog, the right balance of all what is expected by a canine friend. All these elements contributed to the creation of her chow-chow breeding “Los Perros de Bigo”.

Later, her sister decided to come and live with her and share this wonderful passion.

Currently, she is one of the world’s leading chow-chow breeders, and has become an international FCI judge of Chow-Chow, Shar Pei, Basenji, Siberian Husky and German Spitz.


Liusu Bei Bonchi

Owner : Lise-Lotte Adler  (Danemark)


Bailey Dei Leoni Imperiali

Owner: Tamaseviciute Loreta  (Lithuanie)


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